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Why do a detox?

In a world of unbelievable complexity, we really do have to simplify the manner in which we approach and explain health issues. We’re inundated with all sorts of quick fixes and magic potions to ‘lose weight now’ or attain ‘6-pack abs in only 12 days’ but how do we simplify things in the quagmire of health advice in this, the modern age? The industrial revolution and the information age has made many things readily available and ultra-convenient. We really have increased the quality of life for millions and millions of people, but a more convenient life does, however, come with a price. Most of us drive a car and don’t need to walk anywhere, we eat a ‘chefs’ special and don’t cook at home any longer, we use beauty products, medications and benefit significantly by having these things delivered to the front door, sometimes not even having to leave the couch! The negative side to this is that we’ve also chosen food-like substances, chemically-laden processed meals, preservative drenched fast foods and basically bathed everything in refined sugar or additives, this adds the colour and sweetness necessary to trick the brain into thinking it's eating a bright healthy fruit straight off a tree (subconsciously our genes think this only happens seasonally so it better get in as much as possible hence the fact that fructose aka fruit sugar never leaves one fully satisfied).

Imagine a person, let's call him John. The year is 1978. John a middle-aged motor mechanic from Boksburg walks into a dental practice, hand on cheek and visibly distressed by a tooth that has kept him up all night. The pain is throbbing, gums swollen and the poor guy just wants his tooth pulled, the sooner the better! In the back of his mind, John knew this was a long time coming, he knows he hasn’t prioritised his health. Fixing cars and making money has been his focus for the past ten years and he couldn’t be bothered by this new age behaviour of self-love and health clubs, that's for sissies! He smokes regularly, has a soft drink on the way to work every day, has three coffees (with milk and sugar) by lunchtime, doesn’t particularly care to brush his teeth regularly and flosses only when food gets stuck in his mercury-filled molars. He’s ignored those letters in the mail from the family dentist for a while now and is suffering from the end result of his neglectful lifestyle where quick fixes have been the norm. In 1978 Johns’ dentist would have lit up a smoke next to him, yanked that tooth and set him on his merry old way, the next tooth pulling session it seems an inevitability of ageing and somewhat guaranteed. Well, guess what, times have changed and it’s almost 2020!

The creators of the Neometa Detoxification program Craig van Heerden, and Dr Martin Kruger share a philosophy that differs considerably from John. We are in the game of prevention and optimization, not disease treatment. When the tooth is hurting it's often too late, and if the body is acutely symptomatic then a Doctor is without a doubt your best bet but imagine certain principles were followed and John had stuck to a few simple life hacks using information freely available on the internet and almost impossible to find in the 70’s. How much of his suffering could we have prevented? How much money could we have saved? How much more joyful could his life have been? Our focus and intention in this course is to help you care for your human frame, to learn the benefits of simple health interventions, to feel great and to avoid unnecessary surgeries or catastrophic health events that are largely preventable. This course is the first stepping stone to helping you, a conscious, living, breathing miracle of nature achieve the health and wellbeing you deserve. www.neometa.co.za will be up and running soon where you can apply to join the detox your body so badly deserves.

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