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New Tech FINDS and KILLS circulating cancer cells in real time...

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

The phenomenal potential of in vivo blood testing with the Cytophone may change the field of cancer treatments dramatically in the near future.

The world is rapidly approaching breakneck speeds of computing and the inevitable combining of the human organism with technology isn’t too far off in the distance any longer.

We really have approached some sensational times in the medical industry and I just had to share this info.

Imagine lying down and a laser painlessly kills cancer cells in your blood stream while you sip on a green smoothie and listen to a podcast about nutrition. Well, that may just become a reality. Researchers recently published in Science Translational Medicine that they have managed to do something really special to metastatic cells in the blood using a laser (cytophone). Metastasis (or spreading) of cancer can be predicted by finding and eliminating circulating cancer cells in the blood stream and Galanzha et al. have managed to locate and destroy these cells in patients with melanoma with incredible precision using this new method.

Let me say that again, FIND and KILL circulating cancer cells in real time. This is just amazing!!

The detection limit ranged down to 1 circulating tumor cell per litre of blood, which is approximately 1000 times better than in preexisting tests and the researchers were able to verify these tests in living test subjects too. The added bonus was that they could also identify clots and circulating tumor cell emboli (blockages).

image credit: @mdhealthtips (instagram)

This study shows a phenomenal potential benefit to this new tech and opens exciting doors for future treatments. Let's hope it gets tested and to the market safely as soon as possible.

We truly live in exciting times.

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