Doc Marty's


Helping humans since 2004.

A sensible, applicable and mildly sarcastic recount on how to become your best self. 

Doc Marty


Helping humans since 2004.

A sensible, applicable, mildly sarcastic but motivational Chiropractors recount on how to become your best self.

(Doc Marty is short for Dr. Martin Krüger.)


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The world is currently filled with incredible minds and wise souls. You wouldn't  have to ask me twice to read an article about health, healing and anything remotely spiritual or uplifting. I want to share the best and most exciting of the concepts I come across with you and save you the time of reading through endless blogs and brain dead drivel. 


Health / Wellness / Mind & Body / Lifestyle and Trends

We really do live in the most spectacular time. All the information in the world is at your fingertips literally waiting to pour itself onto the canvass that is your phone. There's a problem though, information without application is just data. I'm going to give you information that is applicable, usable, at times sensational but at all times will be seen as wisdom, not just data.  


Keynote Speaking / Motivation / Corporate and Group Workshops

Turns out that the most painful experiences in my life have always given me the richest lessons. There is always a benefit to deduce from our suffering and the stories I have to share are as exciting as a cowboy movie!  There's love, loss, insight and even death but I promise you there's always something you can learn and apply (without needing your own personal cowboy movie). I even do children's parties.

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